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You may not put much heed in coloring pages as learning devices, after all why would you need to when you are bombarded with new teaching techniques for your children every day, why would you need crayons and paper when you can use the newest children's educational computer to teach your child everything they need to know? The fact is however there are many many benefits to using coloring pages and if you are smart you won't even need to buy them, you can just print them from the Internet for free, giving your child a kick start to their learning in a very affordable and effective manner.

Printable free coloring books for kids
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So what do your kids learn with coloring books? In truth the list is endless of what exactly your children can learn using free printable coloring pages, when your child is young there are a few key things they need to learn, all of which printable coloring pages will help them learn with your help. You name it and your child will learn it while having fun coloring in, from numbers to words, to learning what animals are called to learning nursery rhymes and stories, even the most basic thing such as learning which color is which will be taught through coloring in.

Learning Coloring PagesThis is not to say you can just sit your child down on the floor or at the table, hand them some crayons and blank coloring pages and tell them to get on with it, you will need to spend the time sitting with your child and helping them learn, although this in itself can be seen as a benefit for the fact you get to spend some quality time with your kids as they learn and they won't be feeling as though they are being forced to learn either, because as we all know there isn't much more fun in the eyes of a child than being let loose with different crayons and a drawing in desperate need of colors!

As already mentioned coloring pages are a great way to teach your child all sorts of things, numbers for example. There are different ways this can be done, one way would be to simply have the number somewhere on the page, such as the number 10, and then somewhere else on the page would be an object or animal cleverly twisted into that number. There could also simply be 10 of something on the page, you can get your child to color the page in and then count out how many apples for example there are, which will obviously correspond to the number on the page.

Learn Through Printable Coloring BooksIn a similar way this will help your kids to learn what the different animals are called, they can have fun coloring in a bear, also coloring in the word 'bear' underneath it, you can then make sure your kid understands what exactly it is they colored in. The alphabet is best learned this way, as a parent you will probably at some stage (if you don't already) have a nice poster of the alphabet up on the wall of your kids bedroom, however what better way to teach your child the alphabet than to have them color in each of the letters and corresponding words themselves, you can print off each letter on a printable coloring page and let your child color it in, then hang it on the wall, for example an A for apple, then a B for banana etc. Learning by doing is always the best way. As your child grows older you can have them color in a new set which will doubtlessly be better quality.

The second time around your child will color in the alphabet in better manner because they will have been learning hand eye coordination the entire time, it is why the more your kids color the more they stay within the lines, another thing they will do better is choosing which colors to use for each letter and object, for example the first time your child colors in the alphabet they could use any number of colors for the apple, yellow, orange, purple etc. However the next time around they should use green for the apple, yellow for the banana. This is because not only are they learning what words are what, but they are learning which colors are which, another valuable lesson that is learned through printable coloring pages.

As you can see printable coloring pages are perfect for teaching your child a number of things, particularly the fundamental building blocks to counting and speech, if you spend your time helping your child learn these things in this manner even before they head off to preschool, you will have guaranteed that their education has gotten off to a good start.