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Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids


Everyone knows that coloring pages are entertaining and enjoyable. Many parents are not yet aware of all of the many critical skills that they help little children to acquire and improve. Such skills include the concepts of coloring, hand eye coordination, and comprehension of pictures. They are instrumental as a basis for success in early learning stages. Those children who color pages also attain the ability to absorb and work with knowledge both more practically and readily. Coloring pages have so many benefits, and not all of them have to be bought.

Printable free coloring books for kids
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The improvement of the Internet has allowed for coloring pages to be downloaded and printed out. Many of these sites charge a one time fee to download and access the pages in a coloring book as many times as the users and their children wish. But contrary to what you might think, coloring book pages do not have to be purchased all of the time in order to be printed out. There are a few coloring pages sites on the Internet that offer most, or even all, of their coloring pages to parents who wish to print them out at no charge. These coloring pages come in a surprising variety of topic types and choices.

Characters are a popular category of coloring pages that are available for free. While not all characters will be available at no charge, there are a surprising range of them that are. Barney and all his friends, the Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon pictures, a variety of princesses, sesame street characters, Wishbone television show characters, and Aford T. Turtle are among the ones that you can download to print out without having to pay for them.

animals printable coloring bookColoring pages from nature are another excellent category of free coloring pages available to parents and their children. There are a variety of these educational pages that parents can use to help teach their children about the world around them while they are having fun coloring them. Animal pages, pages with birds featuring ducks and peacocks, flowers, horses, and dinosaurs are all on offer at no charge. All of these can be printed out and used to offer the children a fun, rewarding, and educational experience.

Printable coloring pages are also available covering a significant number of popular holidays. Thanksgiving pilgrims and other items can be had at no charge. Christmas trees, Santa, and toys are all on these sites. Easter egg hunt pictures and those featuring the Easter bunny are all here. Besides all of these most beloved holidays, a number of other free printable holiday pictures can be found. St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks and leprechauns, Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day pictures, Halloween characters and creatures, Valentines flowers and hearts, and Fourth of July symbol pictures can all be had at absolutely no charge to download and print out.

For more practical, educational, and printable coloring pages that are available for free, there is the category of transportation. Pictures that can be had in this genre cover the range of transportation choices like trains, cars, sailboats and sailing ships, airplanes, and space shuttles. While your kids are coloring in these modes of transportation, you can teach them their names and about their uses.

There are so many other kinds of free printable coloring pictures offered online these days. You can get scenes from the Bible, patriotic symbols like the Liberty Bell and American flag, pictures showing children at play, and even fantastic and bizarre creatures that are fun to color. The range of free printable pictures to color may not be limitless, but it is expansive and surprisingly varied.